We render services in well chosen areas of Law to our numerous clients who include National and Multinational Organisations, corporate, public and private institutions as well as individuals. In doing this, our zeal is actuated by our

goal of being the best in client relations with the ultimate pursuit of unparalleled client satisfaction and result!



  1. Commercial Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods (ADR)

Our Partners and Solicitors are trained legal Experts in the field of Arbitration and ADRs. We sit on Arbitration and conciliation panels and represent our clients in or before such panels with particular reference to Commercial Arbitration. We are not just proficient in Negotiation and Mediation, but we are efficient in identifying such situations where they are most applicable to save the delicate relationships of our clients and their business partners, clients and customer.

Our Firm has over the years dedicated itself to further research in this yet to be fully tapped potentials of ADR and as a result, at the time when many law practitioners made the strongest of cases against ADR on the grounds that there is no provision for it in our laws, we have discovered a hand full of the aspects of our laws that can serve as veritable legal frame-work for ADRs.

Sequel to the discovery above, we have pioneered campaigns of our discoveries above and the efficiency of ADRS to Several Federal Prisons in the south East, the Nigerian Law School, Ebonyi State Government, Ebonyi State University Faculty of Law and in other public fora. We have also engaged in orientation programmes to enlighten Government officials on why and how ADR is the best method of resolving the several lingering States Boundary, ethnic cum communual disputes.

Mr H. U (pnm) AAET Ivoke who is the Principal Partner and Leader of the Firm is a Professional negotiator and Mediator of many years and has taken some postgraduate courses in Business consultancy and Project Management so as to be better equipped in handling commercial Arbitration. He is a member of Network of University Legal Aid NULAI and has participated in many National and International Client counselling and interviewing skills competitions. In a competition that held in Spain some years ago, he became the 7th   best client counsellor and interviewer worldwide.

  1. Litigation

In view of the fact that Litigation is still the strongest method of dispute resolution in Nigeria, we have developed and trained a formidable team of litigation Lawyers who becomes better refined everyday by the litigation fire of very complex and intricate cases the Firm has successfully handled over the years.

The Firm has a regular programme of continuing Legal education and research to prepare our Lawyers for the challenges ahead. Our continuous training Programmes have not just prepared our lawyers to produce the best results from litigation but have seen one of our seasoned and well trained Lawyer elevated to the bench.


  1. Banking & Finances

Notwithstanding the overwhelming studies and experiences our partners have garnered over the years, we have continued to dedicate ourselves and to pace-up with the emerging issues of banking  including international financial transactions, interbank relations, legal safeguards in bank/customer relations, Mortgages and debt recovery(with meticulous safeguard of the bank/customer relation), third party collateral, financial due Diligence, Garnishee and post Judgment proceedings.

One striking discovery we have made is that the common practise of using real properties and or   title documents as securities for loan is subject to limitation because of the fact that the holder of certificate of Occupancy or Offer letters do not have absolute powers and right over the property as same could suffer the effect of revocation or acquisition. Hence we further advise our clients who are bankers on additional safeguards to apply to such securities.

  1. Insurance

The Firm recognised early in time the colossal economic disaster the country has been plunged into due to failure to take advantage of the business and investment safe haven of Insurance. Hence, we have not just merely represented our clients in Insurance matters, we have dug deeper into the Insurance Act, Pension Reform Act of 2004 and international best practices in Insurance with a view to advising our clients as experts.

 Many of our clients have as a result made informed and uncommon decisions in Insurance matters. We have further developed an understanding with some Insurance Institutions to grant our clients some special concessions upon application to be insured.


  1. Tax and related matters.

We have trained lawyers who represents our clients in tax matters and advise them appropriately on their tax obligation and best ways to obtain and enjoy incentives and tax freedoms.

We further negotiate tax obligations with relevant agencies on behalf of our clients. Since we have experts in this field, our clients pay just what they are obligated to and are saved from double taxation and other financial losses.


  1. Corporate and Commercial Practice

Over the years, we have in the many local and International commercial transactions we have represented our clients become well seized with the exigencies of commercial practice and have become better specialised in the said field. In this respect, we have represented and drafted commercial agreements between our clients and foreign business partners and institutions.

With the experiences and skills garnered by our partners in business consultancy and Project Management, we do not just handle commercial transaction as experts but have saved our clients from very heavy liabilities by creating indemnities for our clients in respect of agreements drafted by their foreign partners and send to our clients to execute.

Apart from local and international commercial negotiations, we are seasoned in corporate due diligence, pre and post incorporation transactions, privatisation, partnerships, merger and acquisation, shares and securities, Employment and Labour matters, import and export, local and foreign investments, corporate social responsibilities etc.

Company Secretarial services has in recent times become more intricate than a lawyer can effectively handle without further clear sighted understanding of the intricacies and complexities of commercial transactions  and investments. Hence we have strived to continue to lift the volume of experiences we have banked in representing our clients with ardent knowledge of the corpus of local and international commercial legal frame-work.

  1. Property Consultancy

Some of our partners had taken time to spend part of their formative years in understudying the intricacies of land and property transaction with particular attention to identifying defective titles and advising our clients effectively in that light.


Our understudy of the land Department of Federal capital Development Authority and the relationship we have built over the years of our practice with that Agency of Government has given us an edge in favour of our clients who invests in real estate development and or interested in acquiring land properties in FCT.


We also provide sound opinion to our clients and other institutions about, acquisition, sale, mortgages of properties, property appreciation projections. We also advise our clients on how to make the most out of real estate development without investing our client’s funds in same.

Our focus is not limited to real estate or physical property, we further advises our clients on intellectual properties and intangible property development and transactions.

  1. Legal consultancy/Opinion

Our many years of practice in recondite fields of law have put us on a veritable pedestal to masterfully advise our clients and render legal opinion in varied areas of the law. The fact that one of our partners was commissioned to undertake an additional study on just the internationally acceptable mode of presenting legal opinion underscores the firm’s meticulous insistence on details.

Our team Leader had at one point been invited to and did teach Jurisprudence on pro bono basis in Ebonyi State University. Since Jurisprudence touches on all fields of law it further adequately qualifies him to be his best in rendering legal opinion.

  1. Legal Drafting and Research

Recognising that this is the hallmark of law practice, our founding partner whose vision is firmly tied to legal research as the best instrument of legal development has invested and continued to invest unending time in research as an ingenious instrument of legal development.

It is an unfailing principle of the Firm that every partner must carry out an aspect of research at least for an hour in a working day. This has resulted in the application of best practices in legal drafting and peer review, hence, we have represented our clients in a unique way by isolating hidden loop holes in their local and international agreements and amending same. It has also helped us to develop internationally acceptable legal drafts.

Much emphasis and particular attention is paid to this field of law because of the recognition of the Firm that being our best in all other fields of law is eminently hanged on our being masterful and holding firm grip on legal research and drafting.


  1. Private Legal Representation

We adapt our services to suit clients changing and varied circumstances, hence clients who require particular private legal guides find unequalled solace in our services.

  1. Pro bono Services

 In discharge of our corporate social responsibilities and as a way of given back to the society, the Firm has paid particular attention to pro bono services with particular legal and para legal assistance to individuals who cannot afford legal services and some Government institutions. Our partners have in different occasions embarked on prison visits and have assisted many deserving inmates to regain their freedom.